BDgene and Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly establish a joint R&D center for gene therapy
26.07 2021

In July 2021, the "BDgene-SCSB Joint R&D Center for Gene Therapy" jointly established by Shanghai BDgene Technology Co., Ltd. (BDgene) and Shanghai Jiaotong University Institute of Systems Biomedicine was officially established. They will jointly explore gene editing and its delivery Technological breakthroughs and innovations.


With the publication of clinical results of Intellia's in vivo CRISPR gene editing therapy, the development of biomedicine has entered a more advanced era of in vivo gene editing therapy. However, how to avoid the anti-Cas9 immune response in the body, how to reduce the off-target risk of gene editing, and how to make the gene editing cell-targeted are the challenges for the development of CRISPR in vivo gene editing therapy.

As one of the only three companies in the world that have carried out clinical research on CRISPR in vivo gene editing therapy, BDgene is committed to providing new ideas for CRISPR in vivo gene editing therapy with innovation in delivery technology, and applying CRISPR in vivo gene editing therapy technology to more Serious illnesses for which no medicine can cure.

This joint cooperation to establish a research and development center will carry out related research work from the following two aspects:

     1. To study the safety and efficacy of CRISPR delivery technology in disease models;

     2. Optimize the process route of CRISPR delivery technology to further reduce production costs.

Dr. Cai Yujia, founder of BDgene, said, "The birth of delivery technology will be the 'second revolution' in the field of gene editing. The first revolution is the invention of gene editing tools, but only the invention of this tool is not enough. When gene editing tools are applied to in vivo therapy, they must go through the 'delivery' route to ensure that they work. Whoever can solve the problem of delivery will hold the key to the use of gene editing tools in the clinic." BDgene has previously completed the A round Financing, using these funds, BDgene has expanded a stronger R&D and production team, and is expected to develop a world-leading gene editing drug with independent intellectual property rights.


Shanghai BDgene Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018.The company's internationally leading innovative technology platforms BDlenti and BDmRNA have received extensive attention from research institutions and pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad, promoting the company's growth into a top biopharmaceutical company. The company has multiple indications such as HSK, thalassaemia, wAMD and so on.Based on the law of new drug development, the company has formed a new drug development team with strong R&D and industrialization capabilities. The team includes CMC, quality, QA, and R&D departments.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Jiaotong University is one of the oldest and famous universities in China. It is also one of the first experimental universities for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements by the Ministry of Education, and it gives scientific researchers more ownership of service inventions and long-term use rights. The gene therapy team of its Institute of Systems Biomedicine has a stable research foundation and excellent research results in gene therapy research. The team has long been engaged in gene therapy vector technology and gene editing delivery technology research, and is committed to the transformation of new technologies in clinical applications. The research team has published research papers in high-level journals such as Nature Biomedical Engineering and Nature Biotechnology for many times.

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