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Shanghai BDgene Therapeutics Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. The founder team includes top scientists in the field of gene therapy, industrial experts with a background in international pharmaceutical companies,  toxicology and safety pharmacology experts with preclinical drug evaluation experience.

The advisory team includes authoritative experts in gene therapy, clinicians from top-tier tertiary hospitals, and executives of listed pharmaceutical companies. Based on the law of new drug development, the company has formed a new drug development team with strong R&D and industrialization capabilities. The team includes CMC, quality, QA, and R&D departments.

The company's internationally leading innovative technology platforms BDlenti and BDmRNA have received extensive attention from research institutions and pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad, promoting the company's growth into a top biopharmaceutical company. The company has multiple indications such as HSK, thalassaemia, wAMD and so on.

The company now has a laboratory of about 1,000 square meters, with good experimental conditions and a comfortable working environment.

Founder Introduction
Founder Introduction
Dr. Cai Yujia

Researcher and assistant dean of Shanghai Jiaotong University

He holds a number of national invention patents for gene therapy and PCT international patents. He is the sub-project leader of the major disease treatment project of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission.

He has long been engaged in research work on gene therapy virus vectors, gene editing delivery technology, etc., striving to transform new technologies into clinical treatments.His research papers have been published in journals such as Nature Biotechnology, Nature Biomedical Engineering, Nature Immunology, etc.  

In 2018, he raised funds himself and founded Shanghai Bendao Gene Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Culture
Corporate Culture
Become China's leading high-tech biopharmaceutical company
and build a global multi-field drug research and development platform.
Develop better delivery technologies to treat major diseases that were incurable in the past.
Core Values
Integrity, Diligence, Persistence
Development History
Development History


Building 10, No.55 Bixi Road, Minhang District, Shanghai,China