Open a new chapter! BDgene won the "Star Awards-2021 China Bio-Innovative Drug Most Growth Annual Award"
06.10 2021

On October 12, 2021, the BPID 2021 Shanghai (Minhang) Biomedical Industry Innovation Summit was successfully concluded in Minhang, Shanghai. Shanghai BDgene Technology Co., Ltd. (BDgene) was invited to attend the conference and won the "Star Awards-2021 China Bio-Innovative Drug Most Growth Annual Award"!

The conference was sponsored by Shanghai Minhang District People's Government and Shanghai Science and Technology Association, and jointly organized by Minhang District Science and Technology Committee, Minhang District Science and Technology Association, Minhang District Investment Promotion Center and other units. The main purpose is to build an innovation demonstration zone for Shanghai's biomedical industry. 500+ bio-innovative drug companies participated, and nearly a hundred experts in pharmacy, technology, registration, clinical, and investment shared their experience.


At the meeting, Cai Yujia, the founder and chairman of BDgene, was invited to preside over a round-table dialogue with the theme of "Opportunities and Challenges for Innovative Drugs Going Global: Original Technology, Internationalized Clinics, and Global Industrialization". The dialogue revolved around:

R&D and protection of original technology of biological drugs

China and the United States, China and Europe in the deployment strategy of clinical research

Prerequisites for domestic new drugs to integrate into global competition: differentiation, independent IP, cost control

Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Overseas Industrialization of New Drugs

How do domestic pharmaceutical companies adapt to international standards when going overseas


Discuss the opportunities and challenges of domestic biopharmaceutical companies for innovative drugs going overseas with a number of senior managers in the industry.


At the banquet awards ceremony, BDgene won the "Star Awards-2021 China Bio-Innovative Drugs Most Growth Annual Award" selected by the "Medical Microphone-Xingyao Research Institute" and industry experts.



With the self-developed BDmRNA platform (virus-like mRNA delivery technology) and BDlenti platform (lentiviral vector delivery technology), BDgene has received extensive attention from domestic and foreign research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and industry experts. Since its establishment in 2018, BDgene has concentrated on the research and development of gene editing delivery technology and gene therapy innovative drugs. At present, the company has formed a new drug development team that includes CMC, quality, QA, and R&D departments, and has laid out multiple R&D pipelines. Among them, HSK and other indications have made breakthrough progress.

The biopharmaceutical industry is one of the three key industries in Shanghai and an important pillar of Shanghai's strategic emerging industries. This time, BDgene was invited to participate in the event, and won the "Star Awards-2021 China Bio-Innovative Drug Most Growth Annual Award", which is the recognition of BDgene by domestic industry experts and authoritative organizations. This will encourage us to make continuous progress, develop newer and better technologies and processes, and make more contributions to the advancement of the gene therapy industry.

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